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  About the BMW '02 Series Registry Database

The 02 Register application is a project we have created for the benefit of the 02 community. The project was first started around November of 2003. The first "real" code that the site runs from was complied around the end of January 2004. Several upgrades progressed and new features such as claim vin, and a web page for each car were created. Then the development team decided to add a free image hosting service to the community. This feature also ties into the registry as you can link your uploaded picture to a car that you have registered.

The whole progress of the site finally payed off when the site was first turned on June 17th 2004. That day 94 users logged into the site. Several new cars were added and a few claims were made too.

Now the registry has thousands of registered users worldwide. Cars are added daily and the amount of uploaded pictures continues to climb.

Please register and upload all the '02 content you have!

  BMW '02 Series Registry Database Development Information
  • Server running latest Tomcat 5 (more)
  • Server code written with Java Enterprise (J2EE) and Desktop (J2SE) technology (more)
  • Over 200,00 lines of code written
  • Advanced administration controls for clean control of the site


The '02 Series Registry Application is © Nick Kreeger 2004. All Rights Reserved